HD Video Projection; Omagh, 2014

First shown at Night Contact 2014 during Brighton Photo Biennial as part of Esther Teichmann’s slideshow. Each slideshow wqs a visual representation and interpretation of the curator’s original text. The project will explore the ambiguity of the image, how meaning can be constructed through a layer of participants, and the active role of the viewer.

Esther has selected the following text for artist/photographers to respond to: “As he swam , he pursued a sort of reverie in which he confused himself with the sea. The intoxication of leaving himself, of slipping into the void, of dispersing himself in the thought of water, made him forget every discomfort.” Maurice Blanchot, Thomas the Obscure, translated by Robert Lamberton, New York: Station Hill Press, 1973 (1941).

The quote is from one of my favorite novels, Thomas the Obscure by Maurice Blanchot. This passage describes Thomas being penetrated by the sea as he swims inside her, losing all sense of self and separateness. It reminds me of the act of taking an image – of becoming one with that before you, which consumes and fascinates.” Esther Teichmann