Proof of Ghosts

The Happy Gazebo; May 2019

Proof of Ghosts

This blog began as a way to document a body of work I’m developing with Belfast Exposed through an Artists Career Enhancement grant from Arts Council Northern Ireland. Strengthening the way I work collaboratively was my reason to apply for the award. In particular I wanted to learn more about participatory practice and how to weave other Continue reading “Proof of Ghosts”

Dust to dust

 Originally the project was about how we establish identity through recording time. I was planning to explore it through looking at how photography reveals presence by capturing absences in stories eg: through negatives, shadows, shutters and the involuntary/sub conscious , and my methodology was based on shadow catching.  “One’s relationship to one’s own shadow -whichContinue reading “Dust to dust”


The Shock of the Now iv Pareidolia; the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. I’ve always loved working with negative space, the area of absence naturally overlooked, the parts that can get cut out. Looking through the wake contact sheets he suddenly appeared in full lifeContinue reading “Pareidolia”

Death Mask

Shock of Now iii; Trace ’The photograph is literally an emanation of the referent.  From a real body, which was there, proceed radiations which ultimately touch me, who am here; the duration of the transmission is insignificant’. Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida p80. The lines on his face, distinctive, deep lines for such a youthful looking man, aroundContinue reading “Death Mask”


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