Shadow Studio Workshops

Bespoke workshops for schools, festivals, organisations & galleries

Desktop Shadow Theatre workshop

These workshops use Shadow kits to create magical shadow shows with light, colour and sound. 

Background: Shadows, photography and story telling have gone together for a very long time, ever since the beginnings of photography itself, and they are still at the heart of photography today. ‘Shadow drawings’ were the earliest photographs on record and the first cameras were even called ‘Shadow rooms’.

Shadow Studio workshops explore the magic of photography by casting shadows, imagining stories and creating images.   

Through imagining stories with characters and backdrops participants weave their hand crafted shadows into stop-motion animations or short  movies.

Workshops can address a theme, based on current shows in a gallery or times of year for example, and they especially encourage free flowing imaginations.

The workshops encourage team work in groups of around 4-5  but equally can cater for individuals who prefer to work independently.  

Each Shadow Studio workshop comes with the following resources:

Desktop shadow theatre   

Puppets, and the materials to make your own (card, pens, scissors and tape)   

Variety of puppet holders and DIY materials (invisible thread, pipe cleaners and coffee stirrers)

Acetate sheets for hand drawn patterns, subtitles and credits  

Recycled materials for textures ( fruit net bags, bubble wrap, ice cream spoons….) for backdrops and landscapes.

Lights and Coloured light filters   

Overhead Projector Workshops 

Shadow Studio also uses Overhead Projectors for larger scale shadow shows. The concept,  materials  and activity plan are the same. The only difference is the use of overhead projectors instead of desktop shadow theatres to create shadows stories.   

Workshops are suitable for all age groups. Below 6 year olds must be accompanied by an adult. 

Group sizes vary, each theatre or overhead projector can accommodate approximately 5 participants.

Workshops times are flexible. 1 hour taster workshops, 2-3 hours stand alone workshops or longer sessions with projects developed over 2-4 days. 

Joan is covered by public liability insurance and CRB checked.

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