Garrett Carr ‘On Shadow Dialling’

Shadow Dials, Garrett Carr,, 08/11/08
Light, shadow, and the passing of time, surely the fundamentals of photography, are the Alexander’s distilled subject matter.
Yet her images have humanity and a playfulness that calls the viewer in, no matter the scale. This is the effect of the trace of her own hand. With chalk she outlines the shadow cast by the sun as it moves across ground or up a wall, perhaps one line every ten minutes. She marks the chalk lines with the exact time it was drawn until she has built up a record of time passed. With her intervention sunlight leaves behind a web or a net. The marks have their own abstract qualities but also catch out of the air, in the manner of a web or net, a sense of elemental time. The photographic record of Alexander’s time-chasing poignantly imply all that is gone and will never quite be again.

Alexander’s photographs are small histories of perfectly innocent times.
As such they have a bit of sadness in them. The shadows she traced have passed on. The chalk lines she traced them with will wear away soon. She uses photography, the medium of light and time, to show us light and
time itself.