Danny Wilson Memorial Award 2012

Joan Alexander has won the Danny Wilson Memorial Award for best emerging photographer at Brighton Photo Fringe 2012.
Brighton Photo Fringe 2012
Danny Wilson Memorial Award Winner Announced
Shadow Dial Study VI; Normandy Figure by Joan Alexander

We’re very pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s Danny Wilson Memorial Award is Joan Alexander. Joan exhibited her work “Shadow Dial Studies” as part of Blind Field Collective at the Fringe Focus, and also in the windows of Velo Vitality as part of A to Z.

Joan describes her work as having stemmed “…from an engagement with moving light and cast shadows, as quiet markers of time their movement implies a rightful passing through space. It is based on experiments in shadow catching and light tracing to interrupt, imprint and record layers of time. These experiments attempt to solidify passing light and lift shadows in various ways, to chart and duplicate their ethereality, to futilely preserve an ever receding tide line.”

Of winning the award Joan said: “I feel honored to have won the Danny Wilson Memorial Award. It’s really encouraging to know that my work has got such a positive response from a panel of expert judges. The prize will really support the development of my new work and allow me to continue in my practice. I’d like to say how much I enjoyed this year’s BPF and thank you for supporting me.”

This year’s judges were Lisa Barnard (photographer and winner of the inaugural DWMA 2008), Rebecca Drew (visual arts consultant, editor and producer and a Trustee of Brighton Photo Fringe), Josh Lustig (Assignments Editor at Panos Pictures) and Anne Williams (Course Director MA Photography at LCC).

Of the panel’s selection, Rebecca Drew said: “Joan Alexander was selected for the originality and experimental nature of her work and its delicate and thoughtful installation. Joan was part of two group shows, both of which made a significant contribution to the Bighton Photo Fringe programme.”

The Danny Wilson Memorial Award was established to commemorate the life and work of the late Director of Brighton Photo Fringe, Danny Wilson. Danny passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in April 2008 after helping to establish festival Fringe as one of the largest and most successful photography events of its kind in the UK.

The Danny Wilson Memorial Award is supported by Fabrica, Photoworks, London College of Communication and Brighton Photo Fringe.