Northern Bridge Consortium Portfolio

Fig1. Shadow Mapping
Shadow Study II; Omagh; Shadow Mapping; Digital C-type; 2009
Fig2. Shadow Mapping

Shadow Study V; Rylagh; Shadow Mapping; C-type print; 2010

Fig3. Shadow Mapping


Shadow Study V; Shadow Map; Rylagh; Digital C-type

Fig.4. Shadow Mapping

Not So Cut Off

Shadow Mapping Portrait; Not so Cut Off; Seamus; 2015

Fig5. Shadow Casting

Shadow Study VI; Normandy Figure; Shadow Casting iii; B&W print; 2010

Fig6. Shadow Casting


NCLED SHEET1The woman washing windows 2

Shadow Study VI; Normandy Figure; Darkroom Shadow casting; Led light sheet;2011

Figs. 7-9  Desktop Theatre Shadow Casting

"....You've seen the swans , you've seen the water...."

Desktop theatre shadow casting; Not so Cut off; 2015 “You’ve seen the swans , you’ve seen the water….”

Fig 8

Desktop Theatre Shadow casting “….a Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder …..”

Fig 9

Desktop theatre shadow casting “….down to the lough and back for a coffee….Still a long day to fill but it’s a start….”

Fig 10-12. Photographic Intervertions; Cinders


VII; Cinders; False Double; Fibre based prints on shelf; 2014

Solar Paper Cinders

VII; Cinders; sun print paper; 2014


VII;Cinders; Sky & Pyre; projections; Fabrica gallery; 2014

Fig13. Photographic Interventions Light, Line & Lore

17-Loughmacrory light meter

IXii; Light line & Lore; An Cregan Tomb; Light Reading; 2015